The Perfuse Website



Our website is created using Joomla - an open source content management system. The FrontOffice template is used which is a free template designed by User registration (or login) is not required to access any of the public content but some forms and other documents we used are protected behind the login screen (to prevent spamming and limit security risks).

The site was originally created in 2006 and hosted by Lycos for three years. It was moved to an Irish provider in early 2009 ( and in 2014 to Amazon EC2 where it is currently hosted.  

The site is maintained by the Vascular Surgeons in Tallaght out of our own resources and is provided as a service to our patients, for the convenience of staff and for the general public.

Your feedback on the site is welcome. While you may find these pages useful, we cannot provide personalised medical advice. If you have further questions, we suggest you contact your own doctor as our own research has shown that the information on the internet is no substitute for personalised medical advice. 


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